A distant and advanced empire, Arcosia was Alessandros Mornhavon 's homeland. Though none of the protagonists of the series have actually seen or gone to Arcosia, we (the readers) know some things about it from the journals of Hadriax el Fex (Mornhavon's best friend and Karigan G'ladheon 's ancestor). The Arcosian Empire was very dependent on etherea and seemed to be running out of this resource (which is why Mornhavon came to Sacoridia ). Sometime during the Long War, Mornhavon suddenly lost contact with his homeland, and messengers that were sent to Arcosia never returned. Whether Mornhavon was betrayed, Arcosia's souces of etherea (and therefore their technology) depleted, or some worse fate befell the Empire, we have yet to discover what really happened to Arcosia.

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