A mystical place that is currently found in the Blackveil Forest.

Before The Long War started, it was one of the many cities of the Eletians.

During The Long War, it was captured by Mornhavon.

After The Long War, it became known as Blackveil Forest, where Mornhavon slept.

During Blackveil, a party, which included Karigan G'ladheon, set on a journey to discover what happen to Argenthyne. They lost one member to a parasitic bug and another to the blood-thirsty "humming birds". Karigan also discovered what a Moon piece is and that it stored a sliver of time. It was later revealed that Eletians' real purpose of the journey was to save the "sleepers" that has remained in the forest and that they needed Karigan's ability to traverse time and space.

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