The Berry Sisters are two elderly ladies Karigan G'ladheon meets while carrying a message to Sacor City. They live in the northern wilds of the Green Cloak in a house called Seven Chimneys. They explain magic to Karigan and enlighten her to F'ryan Coblebay's ghostly presence. When she leaves, they provide food and directions to get to Sacor City.

The SistersEdit

Bunchberry is a plump woman who wears a dress of burnt orange and a white apron. Bayberry has a narrow face and wears a deep velvet green dress with puffy sleeves and a black shawl. She carries a cane. Their real names are Penelope and Isabelle respectively, but their father gave them their nicknames out of affection and that is what they are known by.

Seven ChimneysEdit

Seven Chimneys is a manor house built by Professor Berry. It has nine chimneys, but since nine is not a magic number, it is called Seven Chimneys instead. It is described as being made of stone and timber with vines on its sides. There are several outbuildings. There is a library in the house where Professor Berry kept several arcane objects. Karigan spent some time there and looked at a ship in a bottle, a harp, and a telescope. The ship in the bottle was revealed in The High King's Tomb to contain real pirates. The harp is enchanted with real voices so that it sounds hauntingly beautiful. The telescope shows images of the viewer's past, present, and future. The library is also filled with books, one of them being the Book of Theanduris Silverwood. All of the servants of Seven Chimneys are invisible. Professor Berry accidentally turned them invisible when Letitia, one of the servants, was nagging him about his research. He searched for a cure until he died, but with no results. The servants include: Letitia the housekeeper, Farmham the groundskeeper, Rolph the stableboy, and the deceased Herschel the handyman. In The High King's Tomb the house is destroyed when the pirates kept in the bottle are released. At the end of the novel, the sisters are seen journeying south to visit their cranky cousin, Miss Poppy.

Professor BerryEdit

Erasmus Norwood Berry is the sisters' father. He and his family lived in Selium until they were forced to leave when he wouldn't stop researching magic. He wore white robes with a master's knot because he had mastered so many disciplines. His portrait hangs in Selium and is always crooked. He is described as a distinguished gent with long gray side whiskers and a walrus mustache. Like his daughters, he has blueberry blue eyes.