Captain Immerez Edit


A Captain employed by Mirwell. Immerez is the Captain of Lord Mirwell's militia. Has a cruel steak and doesn't like to claim responsibilities for any mistakes. 


Was ordered by Lord Mirwell to hunt down a king's messenger to ensure that the message is intercepted. Upon informed that F'Ryan Coblebay is dead, but the messenger horse is missing, he set out to find the new rider and the horse. Has been chasing her ever since until she managed to escape to Sacor City. Has a personal grudge against Karigan for the loss of his hand. 

Karigan, with the fear of her life, after being caught in the whip of Captain Immerez, had a flashback to the Berry Sister, in which she decided, instead of trying to hack the whip, to hack the hand that wield the weapon. She successfully chopped his hand off and escaped. 

After Amilton Hillander was not successful in claiming the throne from King Zachary, and died at the hand of Karigan, in which Lord Tomas Mirwell has been found guilty. Upon these event, Captain Immerez, not feeling the desire of the King's court, promptly decided to go on the run. 

Was later found to have joined an Old Empire and is now a mercenary for the Second Empire. 

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