This category contains detailed summaries of each chapter of Green Rider, the first book of the Green Rider series.


  • The Green Rider series does not use chapter numbers. The numbers listed here are to keep the summaries in chronological order, and to differentiate between multiple sections in the same book that are given the same title. (For example, the multiple interludes in High King's Tomb called The Wall Speaks.) These numbers do not necessarily correspond to the segments of the audiobooks.
  • Each summary includes a list of all present or referenced characters. This list will include them by their full name, even if it is not given in the narrative, unless there is some ambiguity of who is being referenced.
  • Each summary also lists magical or significant items that are featured in the chapter. Items that can always be assumed to be present (rider brooches, for example) are not included unless they are relevant to the plot of the chapter, or it is their first appearance.