The Cloud Islands lies in the tropics. They are one of the many commercial allies of Sacoridia, exporting kauv and sugarcane, which is the rage among the nobles currently. Relationships seemed to have been tense in the past. Upon one delegation that visited Sacoridia during Amigast's reign, Amilton raped a daughter of an Island noble; this shook the foundation of any trade agreement for years to come, but more importantly, made Amigast turn to Zachary to be his heir. It is also rumored in the first book, perhaps hearsay, that Zachary angered the queen of the Cloud Islands by refusing to marry a princess that hailed from there.

As Stevic G'ladheon is said to trade ice from the northlands to the Cloud Islands, and Connly bore trade documents, the trading seems to be going well. The Cloud Islands are ruled by a queen and its people are described as having a deep bronze complexion. Some can be found migrating to Sacoridia, as Mistress Lampala of Gryphon Street lives there and tends her shop, where she imports kauv.