Connly was a Chief Rider in the Green Rider Corps. He has dark hair and rides a grey mare. His Rider ability is to send and receive telepathic messages with the one other Rider with that ability, which was his lover, Joy Overway, in the first book. Despite the distance that duty kept them apart for the uniqueness of their abilities, they could spend time together in thought each night. However, Joy was killed, and her ability to communicate with Connly taken up by a new female rider, Trace Burns. Because by FRC, the influx of magic upset its balance throughout Sacoridia, and the ever-shortening list of Green Riders, Connly was sent to the Cloud Islands on a mundane task to deliver trade documents. Trace could not detect how he fared. His boat ran aground on a desert island. Upon coming back, he was promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Mapstone.