Coutre Province lies east of the Wingsong Mountains alongside Arey and Bairdly. The climate is likely colder and wetter than western Sacoridia with the Wingsong Range binding it close to the sea. The sea is treacherous, and these conditions produce a proud, fiercely independent people.

Lord Coutre has the strength of maritime allies of his and the other two clans, and delivers an ultimatum to King Zachary-- that they will cede from Sacoridia if the condition of marrying his daughter Estora is not met, potentially ending in a civil war that Sacoridia hadn't seen since the days of Smidhe Hillander deposing Sealender and bringing the clans to heel.

Lord Centre Coutre is the reigning Lord of Coutre, and a very proud man. Despite this, he demonstrates the deep love he has for his daughter when she is captured. For their part in the rescue, he gives Lord Amberhill< Karigan, and Fergal a medal of the Order of the Cormorant, and rights to lands in Coutre Province. The Coutre clan color is colbalt.

Note: In the scene in FRC where Estora's cousin Richmont Spane is delivering the marriage contract to Zachary, he refers to the lord being named Centre. Don't know it this is a potential mix-up of the name Coutre or not.

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