D'Ivary Province presumably makes up the northern border of Sacordia along with Adolind, and to a lesser extent, Oldbury and Penburn, as these provinces are all stated to take the northern refugees who flee southward from their homesteads because of groundmite attacks in the region. In contrast to Adolind, it is stated to be one of the more fertile provincial lands.

With the death of the original Lady D'Ivary at the hands of Amilton's dark magic and no heirs of her own, her cousin Hedric became Lord-Governor. Hedric petitions Lord Zachary to supply him wih Sacoridian troops to forcibly remove the refugees, but is denied. Instead, Hedric commands a group of mercenaries in the guise of Sacoridian soldiers to harass the refugees who wanted to help make a living. Hen then has them all forcibly marched back to the northern border, the refugees beaten, mothers and daughters taken by the soldiers for sport. Upon the end of FRC, Lord D'Ivary is found guilty of his crimes by the council of governors, and is stripped of his lands and exiled to the borderlands.