D'Yer Province seems to be the most southward of the provinces; one must travel south from Sacor City to the capital at Woodhaven, and the D'Yer Wall and Blackveil borders to the south, which is subsequently bound by the Ullem Bay further still and to the west.

The current Lord-Governor is Quentin D'Yer. Heir is Alton D'Yer,the eldest son and Quentin's second son is named Marc. Quentin's brother is named Landrew, who in turn has two sons, Alton's surly cousin Pendric, and his little brother Teral.

The clan crest is a simple sword crossed by a hammer and bordered by a stone wall design, on a field of gold. There are words stitched beneath the emblem:The hammer of D'Yer shall break stone, but no other shall break stone walls built by D'Yer. Unlike most noble families, who live a life of ease, a young D'Yer is required to learn how to hammer and shape stone when growing up. It is stated that first sets of playing blocks are stone and not wood. Pendric is able to enter the Tower of the Heavens and the wall, so Alton requests family members of his clan to see if they have the innate ability as well in HKT.