Lady Estora is a noble from Coutre Province. She is seen as the most beautiful lady in the country. She has hair that is likened to spun gold. In Green Rider her eyes are green.

Green RiderEdit

Estora is the lover of F'ryan Coblebay. Their love was kept a secret because of their differing social classes. Only the Green Riders knew and they kept the secret. F'ryan's last letter was written to her and there were some oddities in it that brought her to seek Karigan for an explanation. The love letter was revealed to be the important message intended for the king.

First Rider's CallEdit

In this book, Estora and Karigan are friends. At the end of the book she arranged to marry King Zachary.

High King's TombEdit

Estora is dealing with wedding plans and confined to the castle. In an effort to assert herself, she ends up being captured by the Second Empire. Karigan rescues her and she and Fergal Duff flee with Estora dressed as a Green Rider. She is returned to Sacor City at the end of the book after spending time at the Golden Rudder. Estora finally tells Zachary about her relationship with F'ryan.