Estral Andovian is Karigan G'ladheon's best friend from Selium. She is the daughter of the Golden Guardian, has sea-green eyes, and is deaf in one ear. She is a talented musician. Estral was teased and bullied by her schoolmates even though her father held such an important position. Karigan stood up for her and they were friends since.

Green RiderEdit

Estral is first introduced when Stevic G'ladheon and Laren Mapstone go to the Golden Guardian's office to find him. She is in her father's office to study. She misses Karigan and tells her father that she was doing better in school, contrary to what the dean had told him.

First Rider's CallEdit

Estral sends Karigan a copy of the journal of Hadriax el Fex.

High King's TombEdit

Karigan reunites with Estral when she goes to Selium seeking the Golden Guardian for a message. They spend some time together and Karigan is able to speak to her freely about her feelings for King Zachary and other events.


Estral goes on her year of travel to become a Journeyman Bard taking her to the D'Yer Wall. There she comes to the foreground as a main character.