F'ryan Coblebay is a Green Rider who encounters Karigan near Selium. He had been shot with two black arrows and was near death. Before dying, he asks Karigan to deliver his message to the king. After death, his ghost accompanies her throughout her journey to Sacor City, assisting her and even possessing her body at one point to fight Torne. At the end of Green Rider, Karigan breaks the black arrows that enslaved his soul and he is freed.

F'ryan was Estora's lover and hid the real message to the king in a love letter addressed to her. Because he was a commoner and she was nobility, they were forced to keep their love secret from everyone. Only the Green Riders were trusted to keep the secret.

He was a swordmaster initiate and rode the horse Condor.


F'ryan is described as broad-shouldered with black hair hanging to his shoulders. He is a few years older than Karigan and has blue eyes.