Fastion used to be a tomb guard during King Amigast's reign, but afterward was reassigned above to be personal guard to King Zachary.

He is very professional and stoic, as all Weapons are. His tall, broad-shouldered frame and stony expression prompted Karigan nickname him "Granite Face." He is more open to Karigan later when the Weapons regard her as sister-in-arms. He is also quite the historian, as he demonstrates when becoming excited about a corridor he had never been in before-- and he prides himself on knowing every nook and cranny of tomb and castle, once showing Karigan ancient Rider relics. Fastion also prides himself on being well-versed in history.

In HKT, he is assigned to protect Estora on a simple ride through the country, but is shot through leg with a crossbow bolt. Later in the novel, he guides Karigan without question and with singleness of purpose into the tombs to stop Second Empire's efforts to translate the Book of Theanduris Silverwood.

Trivia Edit

  • In HKT, Karigan remarks on Fastion's stony expression and how it caused her to nickname him "Granite Face", but the only time Karigan used that name was in GR, to a presumably different Weapon in charge of removing her personal belongings when she first arrived in Sacor City after the strange Wild Ride (pg. 256, Mass Market Paperback edition). Later, as Karigan and Melry leave for the baths, "A Weapon whom [Karigan] hadn't seen before fell in step behind them" (pg. 259, emphasis added), turns out to be Fastion. While this may read as Karigan hadn't noticed him near them before, it seems to indicate that she had never had any previous contact with him.