Fergal Duff is a new Green Rider who first appears in The High King's Tomb. He is around fifteen years old and from Arey Province. Fergal is sent with Karigan G'ladheon to deliver three messages. He is enthusiastic about his new calling and races through Sacor City, then leaves Karigan behind and is angry when he has to go back to her. He doesn't want to listen to the rules and only follows her word once she tells him that she'll take him back to the castle and have him removed from the Green Riders. Fergal tries to drown himself in the River Grandgent in an attempt to awaken his brooch's ability. He nearly dies from his efforts but is rescued by Karigan. His brooch does awaken when he sees Grandmother for the first time. His ability is to see people's auras. It is revealed that Fergal's father is a knacker and he had a grim childhood. As a result, he has a low opinion of horses and sees them only as meat. When they visit Damian Frost, Fergal befriends a young colt who will be brought to the Riders the following year. When they rescue Lady Estora, Fergal is in charge of their safety. He hides the lady at the Golden Rudder and receives a medal for his part in the rescue. Fergal is skilled at fishing and throwing knives.