Location: the Selium road

POV: Karigan G'ladheon


Characters ReferencedEdit

  • Dean Geyer
  • Stevic G'ladheon
  • Kariny G'ladheon
  • King Zachary Hillander
  • Shadow Man
  • Greta G'ladheon
  • Brinni G'ladheon
  • Tori G'ladheon
  • Stace G'ladheon
  • Queen Isen Hillander
  • King Amigast Hillander
  • Prince Amilton Hillander
  • Estral Andovian


  • F'ryan's/Karigan's winged horse brooch
  • Soul Stealing Arrows


Karigan awakens at the edge of a farmer's fallow field, having slept there after running away from Selium the day before. After startling a small squirrel, she is herself startled by a mortally wounded Green Rider emerging from the woods.

The rider, later revealed to be F'ryan Coblebay, implores her to complete his mission, which is to deliver a message to King Zachary. He instructs her to take his winged horse brooch, and makes her swear an oath upon his saber. He also warns her about a shadow man, and then dies.

She experiences an odd sensation of hooves galloping and white wings beating, and the murmur of welcome, rider. She attibutes this to a flight of fancy.

After determining that there is no easy way to bury or hide the body, Karigan takes up the reins of the dead rider's horse and begins to travel toward Sacor City.

When she reaches a crossroad between the Kingway, the River Road and the North Road, Condor, the dead messenger's horse, refuses to be ridden down the Kingway, and trots away down the North Road; Karigan eventually decides to follow the horse's lead and take the North Road, believing that the horse can sense that the Kingway would be more dangerous.

Karigan prepares herself a small supper from what supplies she was able to find in the saddlebags. She then sleeps, and dreams of a spirit speaking to the horse. Condor awakens her after dark, and they ride through the night. She begins to fear pursuit.