Location: North Road

POV: Karigan G'ladheon


Characters referencedEdit


  • Karigan's brooch


After riding through the night, Karigan sleeps and awakens mid-morning on a dreary, overcast day. She dons the dead rider's greatcoat and discovers a love letter in a pocket. She resolves to guard the love letter and deliver it to the addressee, Lady Estora, when she arrives in Sacor City.

She hears the sound of approaching hooves and mounts up after a brief series of mishaps. She flees at a gallop along the North Road. Condor shows what an impressive horse he is by leaping over a huge fallen spruce. The road surface deteriorates into mud, so Karigan decides to leave the road and follow a stream into the woods, eventually hiding behind a ledge within earshot of the road.

Two of her pursuers pass by on the road, discussing their theories on how the horse - with message - has managed to evade them despite the death of his rider. After they have passed by, Captain Immerez emerges from the rain and confronts Karigan.

When Immerez demands she hand over the message, He brandishes his whip at her and applies various threats. Karigan grips her brooch and wishes she could vanish, activating her brooch for the first time and fading out. She flees, pursued by Immerez. As she passes Sarge and Thursgad on the road, their reactions alert her to the fact that the horse is still visible, so she extends her fading to Condor and escapes down the road,

After continuing down the road as far as she can under the exhaustion of using her ability, she becomes aware if a path to the side of the road that retains normal colour even in her faded out state. She stops, dismounts, and sleeps, dropping the fading before she falls asleep.