Location: The D'Yer Wall, between Tower of the Earth and Tower of the Heavens

POV: Shawdell


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  • Soul-stealing Arrows


Shawdell returns to the wall to assess the damage he has done. His original crack has expanded, so that cracks now mark a door-frame sized section of wall. Runes are visible on the wall, warning wall keepers of the damage - but as there are no longer patrols watching the wall, they will have no effect.

Shawdell again merges mentally with the wall and continues his counter song, intending to eventually send his song all the way along the entire length of the wall. When he has weakened the wall enough, he returns his mind to his body and pushes on the wall, causing a six-foot wide section that he has weakened to collapse. This also knocks down the magical barrier that extends above the wall.

He summons his captive spirits once more - including F'ryan Coblebay, who appears but does not obey his commands. The other spirits assist him to travel away.