Location: Seven Chimneys

POV: Karigan G'ladheon


  1. ===Characters referrenced===


  • Karigan's brooch


Karigan is awakened by Miss Bayberry, who has prodded her awake with her cane. The Berry sisters invite her and her travelling companions (Condor and the ghost of F'ryan Coblebay) in for tea.

Karigan bathes, and falls asleep; when she awakens her clothing has gone to be laundered, but has been replaced by a robe and nightgown. Over tea, they discuss the spirit that follows her, describing his appearance, name, and manner of death. The Berry sisters then introduce themselves and explain about their father and how they came to live at Seven Chimneys. They explain that he studied magic, and was asked to leave Selium as a result.

They explain about magical talent and devices, including Mornhavon the Black's black star. When they discuss her magical brooch. Karigan formally introduces herself and explains hew adventures thus far, including why she was expelled from Selium. She explains about her fight with Timas Mirwell, and meeting F'ryan, and escaping Captain Immerez.

The Berry sisters theorize that Karigan's brooch gives the bearer the ability to fade to the grey borders of the world after asking her to demonstrate the fading. In Karigan's grey vision, the Berry sisters remain colourful. They explain that the brooch saps energy from the user, and attempt to explain magic, and its decline since the Long War. They also explain that only magic users and green riders can see the brooch, and others will percieve it as cheap costume hewellery or nothng at all. They suggest that this is to separate real riders from false, and that the duress of the situation led F'ryans broch to accept her.

When Karigan ponders abandonng the brooch, it burns her. They remind her of the importance of free will.