Location: Seven Chimneys

POV: Karigan G'ladheon


Characters in visionsEdit

Characters referencedEdit

  • Professor Berry
  • Dean Geyer
  • Mirin the Gardener
  • The Berry Sisters
  • Sevelon
  • Aeryc
  • Aeryon


  • Professor Berry's Telescope
  • Prof Astrolabe
  • Mystery Skull
  • Varadgrim's harp
  • Scrimshaw whale tooth
  • Hunk of melted rock
  • Tooth-marked gold coin
  • Cap'n Bonnet's ship in a bottle
  • Professor Berry's Moonstone


Karigan is shown to Professor Berry's library to occupy herself before supper. She observes various magical objects. She shakes the ship in a bottle and causes a storm to rage, sweeping a sailor overboard. She picks up a moonstone and it glows for her. She strums a bejewelled lap harp and discovers it sings with human voices, and causes other items in the library to resonate. She then browses the books of the library, finding sections on sacoridian history, Rhovanny, arts and sciences, books written in unknown or ancient languages, books on magic, and a small section of books on etiquette and propriety she decides must have been added by the sisters. When she opens a book of magic, it appears blank to her. When she reads aloud from a guide to eletian words, the moonstone glows more brightly and the harm seems to hum along with her.

She grows bored, and decides to look through the telescope. Instead of the stars, it shows her visions.

Karigan's VisionsEdit

  • Karigan sees herself leaving F'ryan's body behind on the road. A spirit follows her.
  • Karigan sees Sarge and Thursgad with their backs to her, and captain Immerez sits on the ground, his hand severed. The amputated hand still grips his whip. He vows to kill that greenie.
  • Immerez's face appears out of darkness. He brandishes a hook as blood drips into Karigan's eyes. He digs his hook into her the flesh below her eye; she is unable to resist.
  • Karigan sees herself holding her practice sword to the neck of a prone Timas Mirwell, declaring him dead. He accuses her of dirty swordplay, and attacks her in the back when she turn away. Rendle arrives and publicly scolds Timas, humiliating him. He also offers to take Karigan on as a private student. She observes Timas' look of hatred.
  • She sees Shawdell the Eletian. He seems to see her, asking who she is. He says that the mirror goes both ways.
  • An older King Zachary says that he needs her, and begs her not to accept a dangerous mission. He refers to her familiarly, as Kari.

The series of visions ends, and Karigan collapses. She hugs the moonstone and finds it restorative.