Location: Mirwellton

POV: Tomastine Mirwell


  • Lord-Governor Tomastine Mirwell II
  • Captain Immerez
  • Major Beryl Spencer

Characters referencedEdit


  • Clan Mirwell's War hammer


Mirwell contemplates his aching bones, and his family's coat of arms, lamenting the current state of peace in the land. He thinks unfavourably of the emergence of the Hillander line, and the defeat of his ancestors at their hands. He thinks of his ambutions to overthrow the King.

He reads a letter from Selium about his son's run-in with Karigan.

Immerez reports that they have killed F'ryan, but the messenger horse has escaped, and they believe a different messenger has taken up the mission. Mirwell reflects on how he hand-pucked Immerez. Mirwell asks after a spy, and Immerez admits he doesn't know who the spy is. Immerez explains they found F'ryan's corpse on the Selium road. He mentions Karigan's vanishing, and Captain Mapstone's ability to sense truth. Immerez requests that they use Amilton's weapons to find Karigan; Mirwell agrees.

Mirwell dismisses Immerez. Mirwell's dialogue reveals that they intend to help Amilton assassinate King Zachary. Mirwell threatens to carve out immerez's remaining eye if he fails.

Mirwell is pleased by Timas's getting Karigan expelled. He summons his aide, Major spencer, and briefly lusts after her and the son he might have fathered on her. He assigns her to dig up some dirt on the G'ladheon clan. He is amused by her misunderstanding concerning the nature of Timas's trouble with Karigan.

He instructs Beryl to send a message to Geyer, asking for names, not just dates, and dismisses her. He us appreciative of her efficiency. He thinks of a natural history class, and his plan to eliminate the high born children with as threats against his claim to tge throne.

He removes a green messenger from the red court of an intrigue board, declaring it dead. He positions another green messenger on the board, and threatens it with three red soldiers, two red knights, and a blue assassin.