Location: North Road
POV; Karigan G'ladheon


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Another day, Conder spooks as they travel. Karigan coaxes Condor forward. They discover the aftermath of a Groundmite attack on Sacoridian soldiers. Karigan sees that the mercenaries are swordmasters by the bands on their blades and surmises that they were once Black Shields. The weapons attempt to loot the corpses, but find nothing. Karigan is sickened by the carnage. The weapons imply that Shawdell is responsible. Karigan washes her boots in a stream; Torne mocks her. Jendara reveals that she was not a tomb guard, and strikes Karigan for calling Zachary the rightful king.

They travel for more days. One night, Jendara sees her eat from her secret store, but does nothing. Karigan dreams of escape, food, and her mother. As they travel, Torne tells everyone they pass about Karigan's thievery. They tell a trapper she is to blame for the Groundmite attack. Jendara and Torne bicker.

One evening, they meet up with Garroty, a mercenary friend of Torne's, who is on leave. He leers at Jendara and Karigan, mocking the Weapons' motivations. Torne invites him to camp with them, though Jendara clearly dislikes him.

They camp. Garroty makes various sexist comments and discusses potential sources of income. Jendarra is hostile. They speculate about civil war.