Location: Mirwellton
POV: Tomastine Mirwell


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Mirwell enjoys the spring air in his library. He drinks rhubarb wine. He ponders getting her a pair of specs. They discuss the situation with Timas. They discuss clan G'ladheon. She reveals that Stevic invests in shipping, has diverse holdings, deals mainly in textiles, and is incredibly wealthy. He does not trade in Mirwell. It is revealed that Stevic G'ladheon served on a pirate ship, the Goldhunter, as a young man. Mirwell decides that Stevic is no direct threat, but tells Beryl to keep the opapers on hand in case Stevic proves troublesome.

Mirwell lusts after Beryl, but decides not to act on his desires. He notes that she served in the Sacoridian militia before transferring to the Mirwell militia.

Mirwell thinks of the bear that nearly killed him, and blames the hunting injury for not fathering more sons. He thinks of Timas's mother as short and mean.

He meets with Amilton, mentally disparaging the prince's bright clothes. Amilton insults Mirwell's wine. Amilton complains about a lack of results from Immerez. He complains about Shawdell and Groundmites. He mentions failed assassination attempts against the king. They mention dark powers and the D'yer Wall. Amilton complains about Zachary.

Mirwell ponders his intrigue board. He manages to calm Amilton down. He places the red king on tge edge of the Green king's realm. He thinks of how two provinces, Adolind and L'Petrie will be added to his own when Amilton takes the throne.