Location: North and North Road near Millet's Pond
POV: Joy Overway


Characters ReferencedEdit


  • Soul-stealing arrows
  • Joy's Rider brooch


Joy questions a blacksmith about Condor and Karigan. He is hostile, as everyone else has been. She does not have any bribe money. She remembers a fortune teller giving dire omens earlier in the day. Joy in skeptical. She rides out of town; it is mid afternoon. She plans to spend the night at the way-station.

She passes the Anti-monarchy-league, and they call her a slave. She canters away, slowing outside of town.

She passes a grey-cloaked rider travelling into town. Redwing does not like the man. Joy also finds him unnerving. She turns after she passes, and sees he is following her. He aims a black arrow at her.

She gallops off the road, but cannot find cover in the clear-cut. She heads for a forrested pond. Before she can hide in the trees, he shoots Redwing. Joy is thrown free as Redwing falls dead. She has a compound fracture of her femur. She draws her sabre. Without speaking to her, her shoots her twice in the chest, whispering invocations over the arrows. He says that she will serve him.

After dying, she has a vision of the star-speckled heavens where the gods await her. She hears wingbeats as westrion calls her, but Shawdell drags her back to earth, demanding that she serve him. Everything appears grey to her, except Shawdell, who is rainbow coloured. She also sees her brooch as golden, and herself as flesh coloured.

F'ryan appears - he, too, retains his colour. He offers his hand. There are other rider ghosts with him, and Redwing is there. The ghosts whisper for her to take F'ryan's hand. He tells her it is a between place, and they cannot pass on because of Shawdell. Shawdell tells her she should give in. She takes F'ryan's hand, though her arrows cause her agony, and determines that she will nit give in, for it is not right.