Location: North
POV: Karigan G'ladheon


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Karigan leaves the inn with Condor in tow. She enters a dry goods store. Through the window, she watches as a thief flees a shopkeeper. The thief stabs and kills the shopkeeper. No-one makes any effort to stop the thief or help the shopkeeper.

Karigan purchases bread, dried fruit and meat, tea, and grain for Condor. The shopkeeper charges her an exorbitant price, but she barters him down. He notices her clan ring and is intimidated. She also buys Joy's brooch, which was for sale in a basket on his counter. The brooch still has dried blood on it.

Karigan leaves the shop. There is a crowd forming down the road It is an Anti-monarchy League rally. Lorilie is shaming a merchant for being wealthy. She speaks of how the king won't keep order in North, complaining of taxes on the limber industry. The crowd is taken in by her speech, and the merchants leave. Karigan cannot get through the thick crowd. The crowd is stirred into a mob. The tree poachers from the day before point her out as a Green Rider, but Karigan is not wearing any green and is able to divert the mob to the burly woman from the night before, who is wearing a light green tunic, and escape. One of the lumberjacks grabs her boot and tries to unhorse her, but Condor kicks him and she makes for the bridge. She gallops across the bridge. When she is out of the town, she reins in and looks back. She cannot tell what is happening in the mob, but sees the Gray One was following her but got trapped by the mob.