Location: The Castle Throne Room in Sacor City
POV: Tomas Mirwell


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Lord Mirwell arrives at the throne room for an audience with King Zachary. He is annoyed at having required Beryl's support to walk there from the courtyard. He is pleased that Captain Mapstone is not there. Mirwell approaches the throne, trying to hide his limp. Beryl's deportment fills him with pride.

Mirwell bows. Zachary greets him as Warhammer, the traditional greeting. Zachary invites him to sit, in such a way that does not call attention to his infirmity. They exchange pleasantries. Mirwell introduces Beryl to the king. They speak of the nnual hunt. Mirwell thinks of the massacre he plans. They speak of the intrigue game. Zachary seems amused and interested by his intrigue opponent. He invites Mirwell to a council meeting tomorrow; and they mourn the groundmite massacre that killed many aristocratic Selium students.

Mirwell leaves for his suites. He decides that he won't let Beryl out of his sight for the duration of their visit, on account of how much he fancies her.