Location; Sacor City and the Castle Grounds
POV:Karigan G'ladheon


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Faded out, Karigan makes her stealthy way through the city. There are troops in te streets, but the people are unmolested. She avoids people and occasionally rests in alleys. Previously, the King protested her intention to scout the city and castle. Captain Mapstone supported her intentions, speaking of ow her rider ability made Karigan the best candidate. Zachary gave her his sword, and his wishes for her to return.

Now, Karigan reaches the castle gates. Lorelie Doran gives a speach to the Anti-Monarchy Society, saying that Monarchy is tryanny regardless of which brother is king. There are guards at the gate,and hanged corpses to eiter side. The society chants at the gate. Karigan sprints through the gates. She nearly runs into a guard.

Karigan prowls through the shadows. She climbs onto a walled breezeway. Guards appear from either end, with torches, so Karigan leaps over te other side and into an ornamental garden. She lands in a rose bush. The guards pass by, commenting on tge smell of the crushed roses.

Karigan stands and disentangles herself from thorns. Se decides tat te main enteance is too well garded to enter. Se teies the ballroom, but finds it well lit and full of loyalist soldiers under guard. She turns away, but hears a commotion outside the doorway. A guard is dragging Melry off into the shadows to molest her. Karian draws her sword and sneaks up behind the soldier, sabbing him fatally in the back. Karigan drags the dead soldier away and drops her fading to speak to Mel. She comforts Melry. Melry is sure that the captain and king are dead, but Karigan reassures her. She tells Melry to go hide in the rider sables. They hide the dead soldier under some shrubs. Karigan is very tired. Mel runs off.

Karigan eventually enters te castle through King Zachary's study, which is empty and unlocked. She barks her shis on furniture and wishes she has her moonstone, which was destroyed in her fight with Shawdell. She cautiously creeps into the corridor, faded out. She heads for the throne room.