The prevalent belieif system of Sacoridia and the surrounding countries is polytheistic, with a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The most powerful of these are the god Aeryc and the goddess Aeryon.

Aeryc is the god of the moon. He is the primary deity worshiped in Sacoridia. His symbol is the crescent moon, and it is common for the followers of Aeryc to make the sign of the crescent moon to ward off evil.

Aeryon is the goddess of the sun. She is the female counterpart of Aeryc, and is the primary deity worshiped in Rhovanny. Her symbol is the sun, or sometimes just a symple circle.

Westrion is the god of death. Called the Birdman, for he has the body of a man, the head of a raptor. Looks very similar to the Egyptian god Horus. Westrion guides the souls of the dead to the heavens. THe dying say that they hear the wing beats of Westrion.

Salvistar is the mount of Westrion. He is the harbinger of strife, battle, and death. Also called Eolian, the shaper of wind. Taking the form of a magnificant black stallion, he is the patron of the Green Rider horses. The horses he favors are special in a way that defies definition. When Karigan is faded out she can see him. Once, in a time of great need, Karigan rode on his back as the Avatar of Westrion. Though it was Westrion's will that she not remember that experience.

Nia is the goddess of rivers. There is a fountain and a small temple dedicated to her in Rivertown, on the Grandgent river.

Belasser is the smith god. He makes the armor for all the gods and goddesses. The fire of the stars themselves fuel his furnace.

Marin is known as the Mother of all Nature in some island cultures. Her popularity is greatest in the Northern Sea Archipelago. Inlanders regard her more as a sea-witch that brings luck to gardeners and helps keep nature in balance with itself.