Welcome to the Green Rider wiki! This wiki is for Kristen Britain's epic fantasy series Green Rider.

What we're aboutEdit

This wiki is aiming to be the best source of information for Green Rider - outside of the books, that is. This wiki aims to have detailed character pages, synopses of the books, lists and pages for the provinces of Sacoridia and the other locations in the world of Green Rider, and more.

How you can helpEdit

If you're an experienced wiki editor, then feel free to dive right in! Anyone who can make templates and such is very welcome to do whatever they can. If you're new to wiki editing, don't be afraid! It's easy to do basic editing and page creation. See a hyperlink that's in red? That means that there is no page for that subject. Just click the link and start typing, saving the page when you're done. If you see a page that needs more detail, click the edit tab at the top and add in your information. There are buttons to help you format the text at the top of the edit window, too.

What needs doneEdit

Right now, everything! If you see that an article is missing, create it! Even if it's not detailed, you've at least made a springboard for other editors to work from. If you want to add more detail to an existing article, that's great too! If there are articles without categories, you can add them, and if you know more about wiki editing, you can create and add spoiler and stub tags.

Got questions?Edit

If you have any questions, User:Dracobolt is the sysop for this wiki. Just check her user page for contact information or post on her talk page. You can also use the talk page for this article or the main page, or for a particular page if you have a question specifically regarding that page. Please feel free to ask questions if you're confused. This wiki project can only succeed if Green Rider fans come and work together!

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