The Green Riders are the messenger corps of Sacoridia. They were founded during the Long War by Lil Ambriodhe. The current captain of the Green Riders is Laren Mapstone. All Green Riders are summoned to duty by the "Rider's Call", of which they are unable to resist complying to. They hear incessant hoofbeats in their head if they try to ignore the call. They are bound as a Green Rider until the call releases them. Riders wear a Green Rider brooch that gives each a unique magical ability. Riders also share deep bonds with their messenger horses . Green Riders live on castle grounds in Sacor City when not on a message errand.

Green RidersEdit

Deceased RidersEdit

Surviving, Retired RidersEdit

  • Reita - Abandoned by her broach after less than eighteen months of service.
  • Elgin Foxsmith - A chief rider, contemporary to Captain Mapstone, recently returned to Sacor City to assist with the influx of new riders.

Historical Green RidersEdit

Other historical Riders are mentioned, in First Rider's Call, when Karigan travels to the past to witness the meeting between Lil and Hadriax el Fex. They are: Lt. Breckett, Pensworth (who works with illusions), Merigo (a healer), Andri, Ludriane, Hollin, Dane, Telan, Daron, and Olin.