Hadriax el Fex was originally from Arcosia and was Alessandros Mornhavon's best friend growing up. During the campaign in Sacoridia, he became Mornhaven's right-hand-man and most trusted soldier.

Hadriax el Fex was not of noble blood and was allowed to play with Mornhavon as boy because he was the only one Mornhavon actually wanted to play with. Hadriax assisted Mornhaven in the attempted take over of Sacoridia and, in the process, killed many people.

Later on, disgusted and sickened with Mornhaven's experiments and brutal treatment of people, Hadriax eventually turned to the Captain of the Green Riders, Lil Ambriothe. He provided her crucial information that helped King Joneaus and the Green Riders to defeat Mornhaven. In his journal, he admitted that he no longer recognized the childhood friend he used to know in Mornhaven and did what he felt was necessary and right. He survived the Long War and eventually assimilated into Sacoridia. He took on a new name: "Galadheon", meaning "betrayer" in the Arcosian tongue. Karigan G'ladheon is one of his descendants.