Hillander province is located along the tame Ullem Bay. A rugged land of hills, especially around the coast. People live a quiet life mostly fishing off the coast.

Home to Zachary Hillander, as his family is the ruling family of the province. He was training to be its governor when Amigast named him heir instead of Amilton. He took the throne and made Amilton governor, but when Amilton depleted some of the clan's wealth, Zachary banished him. Zachary loves his homeland, and wants nothing more than to lead a quiet life there raising the famed little white Hillander terriers, a breed he revived that were once used to route groundmites in their dens.

The current Governor-Steward is Zachary's cousin, Leonar Hillander. A more distant cousin, Lord Amberhill's estates, what is left of them, are in the middle of the province. The coat of arms is a Hillander terrior on a field of heather.