Amigast Hillander was the father of King Zachary and Prince Amilton Hillander. His reign was quite short, and he died of a fever when Zachary was a youth.


Amigast was considered to be a generally successful monarch. However, his short reign after the very-formidable Queen Isen has meant that he has had little historical impact. He valued scholarship and learning, and is depicted on the throne room ceiling holding a book.


Amigast should have been succeeded to the throne by his eldest son, Amilton. He ignored the evidence Amilton's indiscretions - beaten servants and ruined horses - until Amilton raped the daughter of a delegate from the Cloud Islands. Realizing that Amilton was not suitable for rule, he named his younger son, Zachary, to the throne and instead assigned Amilton to be Lord-Governor of Hillander province.