Lorilie Devon is the leader of the Anti-Monarchy society. Karigan G'ladheon meets her in the town of North and later sees her at the castle when Prince Amilton takes over. She is described as having titian hair.

Lorilie's past is unknown, but it is rumored she was a Rhovan aristocrat who was cast out of the country. Now in Sacoridia, she is speaking against King Zachary. She is considered an outlaw, but no effort is made to arrest her.

The Anti-Monarchy society believes that "monarchy is tyranny" and "no king is a good king." The members believe that the commoners are slaves under the aristocracy.

Lorilie leads her group to the castle in Sacor City to protest the moarchy. Amilton is in control at this time and has the archers shoot her people. She is wounded, and acknowledges that Zachary wouldn't have done such a thing, although she continues to protest monarchy.