Mara Brennyn first became a rider some six years ago. She first discovered her ability, summoning fire, when she was ice skating on a lake in winter and fell through the ice, and had to keep warm. Since Connly is sent on a long mission in FRC, she fills in on his position as acting Chief Rider and develops. She is prompted to help more alongside Karigan when Captain Mapstone collapses. Rider barracks is attacked by the wraiths Mirdhwell and Varadgrim when looking for Karigan; Mara burns one to death when she summons her abilities, setting barracks ablaze and giving her severe burns over the right side of her body.

Mara has really krinkly, curly red hair, and the two middle fingers on her right hand are missing, cut off when she was once ambushed by two brigands looking for king's gold. The right side of her body is badly burned, but heals remarkably well upon Ben dscovering his healing ability. She is kept out of the action because of it, but at the end of HKT, she is reunited with the Riders for the first time as Chief Rider in the new Rider Wing.