Melry Exiter is a young girl, around twelve years old in Green Rider, with brown hair. She is Laren Mapstone's adopted daughter. Her full name is Melry, but only the captain calls her that, she is mainly known as "Mel."

Melry was found in the stable as a newborn. It is presumed her father was a Green Rider who had a reputation with women and was killed before her birth. Captain Mapstone named her after her grandmother and raised her.

Green RiderEdit

Melry is a Green Foot, a messenger who delivers messages around the castle. She plans on being a Green Rider when she is older.

She is one of Karigan G'ladheon's few friends in Sacor City and explains things about the Green Riders to her. During Prince Amilton's takeover, she is attacked by a guard but is saved by Karigan.

High King's TombEdit

Mel is attending school at Selium. Karigan delivers a letter and some chocolate from Captain Mapstone. She is popular at the school and well-adjusted.