A special group of wild horses in several bands which roam the Wanda Plains between Rhovanny, Sacoridia and the northlands. The land was once traditionally held to be ancient Kmearn, and it was perhaps the magic they left behind and/or the breeds of horses (Rhovan, Arcosian, Sacoridian, Elt) melding together of the Ages that produced the unique horses. When Riders need new horses, something on the Wanda Plains knows it. Bands of horses will merge together and a "patron" will walk among them-- a great black stallion, called Eolian, or "Wind-Shaper" by Damian Frost. Whether Salvistar, steed of the death god, or another byproduct of wild magic left in the world, is uncertain; this great stallion walks the horses and will touch certain horses and foals. It is these ones that will grow up tried and true with a messenger horse's almost magical personality, intuition, and intelligence. The Frost family, for eight hundred years, has sworn these horses would only go to the Green Riders.

Messenger Horses in ActionEdit

  • Bluebird - Laren Mapstone's gelding
  • Crane - Ereal M'farthon's gelding; upon her death, he pairs with Ty Newland. Fastest horse, undefeated in Day of Aryon races.
  • Firefly - Mara Brennyn's horse
  • Red Wing - deceased Joy Overway's chestnut gelding
  • Condor - F'ryan Coblebay's, then Karigan's gelding. Tall, long-necked, long- and thick-legged red chestnut covered in scars.
  • Night Hawk - Alton D'Yer's gelding. Black with white blaze and stockings.
  • Owl - Lynx's black and white piebald.
  • Plover - Patrici's, then Dale Littlepage's horse.
  • Luna Moth - Beryl Spencer's dark bay mare
  • Chickadee - Garth Bowen's mare
  • Flicker - deceased Ty Newland's first horse. She was mortally wounded and euthanized by Ty.
  • Swift - deceased Bard Martin's gelding. Killed by groundmites.
  • Sparrow & Robin - Two training and secondary mounts that stay at Rider stables.
  • Phoebe - formerly Yates' mare
  • Loon
  • Raven

It is known Connly rides a grey mare, unnamed. Sunny is a retired dapple grey cavalry horse Fergal will ride until his palomino colt comes in for training.