Alessandros del Mornhavon was the son of the Emperior of Arcosia. He traveled to the "new lands" of Sacoridia on a hunt for etherea. He successfully found the source of etherea in the Eletians. When he lost contact with his homeland of Arcosia, he fell into a depression that later led to rage. He vowed to turn Sacoridia into a Second Empire and rule the Clans. The war between Mornhavon and the Sacoridian Clans is known as the Long War.

He declared himself god and demanded that his people worship him. Priests were burned to death and anyone opposing him were killed. Mornhavon was morbidly fascinated with perverting the natural order of things. He began to experiment with magic, often taking subjects and turning them into another creature entirely or dissecting them piece by piece only to sew them together again. He later became known as Mornhavon the Black due to his malicious personality and twisted experiments. He sought to create an ultimate weapon that would end the war in his favor, which he called the Black Star.

Mornhavon sacrificed some of his best men in order to create the Black Star. His brutal acts led to the betrayal of Hadriax el Fex, who was once his closest friend.