Prince Amilton is the elder brother of King Zachary. He was to be the heir to the throne until his father, King Amigast chose Zachary instead.

Amilton was a spoiled child. He grew into a spoiled man and was uncaring of other people as evidenced by bruised servants and bedpartners. Amigast couldn't see his son's flaws until Amilton raped the teenage daughter of a Cloud Island delegate. After that, he deemed Zachary to be the better leader and named him his heir. Amilton governed Hillander Province instead, but his trend continued and Zachary had him exiled. He joined with the Mirwell governor and the Gray One to reclaim his throne. During the coup, Amilton is tricked into thinking his brother is dead. He declares himself king and tortures the nobles into supporting him. Shawdell is actually absorbing Amilton and they are bound together through a black stone. When Karigan severs the link between Shawdell and Amilton, Jendara slays Amilton.