Rhovanny is a country that borders Sacoridia. It borders on the western side, since Aubry Crossing is the crossroads of that country and Sacoridia and it is located in the west.


The castle is located in Randam. The rulers are known as the Royal House of Rhove. It is rumored that Lorilie Dorran was cast out by the Rhovan King Thergood, so it can be presumed he is the current or a recent king.


The language is known as Rhovan. The people of Rhovanny are more conservative than Sacoridians and the women have lesser power. They rarely own their own businesses and never serve in a military capacity. They prefer to worship the sun goddess Aeryon more than the moon god Aeryc.

In Sacoridia, Rhovanny is most often mentioned for its wine. Grapes do not grow in Sacoridia and Rhovan wine is considered a luxury.