The capital city of Sacoridia is Sacor City. The castle at Sacor City had been the nation's seat of power as long as Sacoridia has had a monarchy, since the Long War.




Sacor City has never been described as being in any particular province. It has been described as landlocked. Of the twelve provinces, It is certainly not in Arey, Bairdly, or Coutre, which are east of the Wingsong Mountains, nor Mirwell or Wayman, Adolind or D'Ivary, or D'Yer, which form the western, northern, and southern borders respectively. This leaves Hillander, L'Petrie, Oldbury and Penburn. Hillander is discounted by the many narrative references to it as a distant place. The locations of Penburn and Oldbury province are not well defined, but young Lord-Governor Penburn has to travel some distance to reach Sacor City.


Sacor City is centred around the castle, which is surrounded by a D'Yer-built wall. There are two other walls, each enclosing a progressively younger part of the city. Sacor City was originally built as a war citadel, and some traces of that remain, such as the walls and the city's main throughfare, the Winding Way, which was built crooked to confound intruders.


Sacor City is home to the Royal Magnificent Theatre, an artistic district, and Master Gruntler's Sugary, as well as a wide variety of other shops and services.