The Second Empire is an underground society of the decendants of the Arcosian soldiers who fought against the Sacor Tribes during the Long War. They maintain the traditions, religion, and language of their ancestors. They have spread across Sacoridia, infultraiting every level of socitey, and every trade. Their goal is the eventual resurection of the Arcosian people. They await the return of Mornhavon the Black, and do everything within their power to undermine Sacoridia. The symbol of the Second Empire is a dead tree. The leaders of the sect in each city have this symbol tattooed on the palm of their hand. Other members sometimes wear necklaces of the dead tree.

Many of the families within the Second Empire have passed down artifacts belonging to their ancestor. Everything is fastiously preserved. Rings, weapons, documents, amulets. The childern are taught the Arcosian language, as well as that spoken in Sacordia. They, like their ancesors, believe in a one true god, rejecting the Sacoridian polytheistic beliefs. In an effort to keep the bloodlines pure, members of the Second Empire marry amongst themselves. Rarely, a person wishes to leave and live a normal life. And while they are allowed to do so, providing they promise to never speak of the Second Empire, from that point on they are effectively dead to their family.