Shawdell, also known as the Gray One or the shadow man, is the main antagonist in Green Rider.

Shawdell is an Eletian, the first Sacoridia has seen in many years. He is described as having remarkable golden hair and blue eyes. As the Gray One, he wears a gray hood and rides a gray stallion. He uses a longbow and black arrows with red fletching, designed to ensnare the victim's soul.


The Gray One makes his first appearance by making a crack in the D'Yer Wall. He returns to find his original crack has spread and then makes a breach large enough for a creature to pass through. He then returns to the roads and hunts for the Green Rider carrying the message warning of an Eletian who can't be trusted. He kills F'ryan Coblebay and Joy Overway along with many nameless others. He uses their spirits to aid him, although some like F'ryan resist. After failing to catch Karigan G'ladheon before she reaches Sacor City, Shawdell appears as himself to the Sacoridians. He charms the aristocrats at the king's ball and even dances with Karigan. He offers King Zachary immense power. Karigan fights Shawdell during the king's annual hunt while the other soldiers and Weapons fight groundmites. He is winning until she uses the moonstone to fight him and he flees, wounded. Shawdell reappears when he is merging with Prince Amilton. Every time the prince uses magic, Shawdell gains power. The prince's eyes turn blue and his hair turns gold. When Karigan attempts to seperate Shawdell from Amilton, they appear in a white world. He invites her to finish a game of Intrigue, but she refuses and cleaves the table in half. When she returns to the throne room, she sees Shawdell fade from existence.