Along with Jendara, he is the only Weapon loyal to Prince Amilton after the prince's exile. He and Jendara were once friends, but eventually he became sour, and Jendara could only tolerate him. He instead befriends Garroty, a mercenary who teaches them to survive outside of court during Amilton's exile. He has no problem being open about showing Karigan off and spinning false tales of murdering deeds she committed when they capture her, and is unnerved about talk of spirit riders and ghosts. This is rather counterpoint to the stoic demeanor of virtually all Weapons, who know the capabilities of Riders, but then, being away from his life's duty seems to have made him rather stale.

He is killed by Karigan being possessed by F'ryan's ghost, and impaled to a tree with Jendara's own sword.