Ty is a Green Rider as well as an officer. He is always in impeccable uniform, and has never been very demonstrative, rather calm and collected. He doesn't like things out of order around him, and this rather inflexible, perfectionist attitude might conduct itself well to training new Riders (he mentored Karigan), but its why Mapstone hasn't promoted him to either Lieutenant or even Chief Rider status; it is also why he is called "Rider Perfect" behind his back.

In FRC, he, along with Karigan, accompanies the Penburn delegation to try and make contact with Eletia. They scout ahead to find the clearing with Varadgrim's tomb, ultimately setting the wraith loose and killing lots of the delegation after setting camp there. Ty's horse Flicker is mortally wounded so he euthanizes her, and is stricken with grief, but he manages to pair up with Crane when Ereal is found killed. He and the horse Crane now serve together. With the influx of new young Riders these days, he has taken on mentoring many of the new blood (Instead of deigning to help clean out new Rider Wing).

He does not believe racing, as Ereal and Crane used to do, is befitting a Green Rider, according to Karigan. That said, he and Crane have not lost a race yet.