Weapons, more correctly known as Black Shields, are the grim bodyguards of the royal family, and the guardians of the Tombs.

They are renowned swordsmen and women, but are well versed in the use of other armaments and in the history of Sacoridia. They are very secretive and rarely show any hint of emotion or expression. There are few people whom they will even acknowledge beyond those they are assigned to protect.

They are extremely, perhaps fanatically, loyal to their country and ruling Monarch, and will kill or give their own lives without hesitation to protect either.

The Weapons wear, of course, black uniforms, and are armed with longswords. There are black silk bands around the base of their sword blades, as with all men and women with the skill required to be pronounced a Swordmaster.

They abhor magic and its use, but Merdigen once mentioned that he used to be visited by the odd Black Shield in his tower, meaning the Weapons of that era must have had access to magic of some sort. The Bonewood that grows on their training island called the Forge, seems to posses some magic-repelling properties, which is evident in the Bonewood staff that the Weapons present to Karigan.

List of Named WeaponsEdit