A supernatural horse ride that occurred twice in the book. In Green Rider, Karigan was about to be killed by Immerez when she hacked off his hand to get away. In order to avoid the Gray One's soul-stealing arrows, a host of ghosts, former Green Riders killed in action, rode with her. They were able to manipulate time so that her surroundings were greatly slowed down and she and Condor rode at exaggerated speeds, ("Ride, Greenie, Ride! It’s the Wild Ride!"). They arrived at the castle in Sacor City in a blur and unfatigued, and after Karigan dismounted, the ghosts rushed her into the throne room to see King Zachary, again at exaggerated speeds. When questioned why the ghosts had intervened, they told her that her mission and survival went beyond earthly matters.

The second time we see the Wild Ride, Karigan needed to get to Shawdell, who was orchestrating an attack on King Zachary during his hunt some distance away. The ghosts said it would be the last time they assist her.