The roguish Casanova of the Green Riders. His pursuit of ladies is an often gossiped about topic among the Green Riders.

He rides a horse named Phoebe, and his special ability is to see in the dark. In Blackveil, his ability turns against him once he enters the forest, and he becomes blind. Nearing the end of the book, he regains his sight.

Yates is the son of a cartographer. However, he says that he inherited his drawing skills from his mother. This is demonstrated when Karigan opens his sketchbook and discovered multiple, lifelike drawings. Yates also is the only one of the six Sacoridians who volunteered to, and was chosen to follow the Eletians into the Blackveil Forest.

It is hinted in the 4th book that he has unrequited feelings for Karigan.

He dies at the end of Blackveil after being possessed by Mornhavon.